Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wikis for Grassroots politics

On 10/18/06 I wrote about Hot Soup, New Social Networking for political and other opinions. The web site became live the next day and the potential looks promising, even though there are a some issues or bugs that I hope will be worked out soon. / Update 10/25/06 William Beutler sent me a a blog entry that is much more critical of

Today I found a reference in TechNewsWorld, to an article written by Tom Sowa, on 10/9/06 in The, titled "Wikis get political."

"Two relatively new sites that transfer the wiki idea to the world of grassroots politics are Campaigns Wikia and"

Campaigns Wikia - "The Mission: It's time for politics to become more intelligent, and for democracy to really involve the people. Broadcast media tells you what to think and doesn't let you get involved. It's time to focus on what you need, what you care about, and the messages you want to get out."

More Perfect promotes "creating a more perfect union: more perfect is an entirely new approach to democracy - enabling more direct public involvement and participation, and creating a marketplace of ideas where we, the people, can collaborate with each other on matters that affect our daily lives."

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