Thursday, October 05, 2006

Environmental Countdown sponsors Amanda Across America

Environmental Countdown is creating a project to highlight online video of people across the country who are leading efforts to change their communities for the better. One video is available now titled "Spill at Newton Creek." Their web page notes that " Later this fall, we will launch as a full site where anyone can submit videos about what they're doing in their cities and towns across the United States."

Currently Environmental Countdown is sponsoring Amanda Congdon's Trip Across America and playing select videos from communities along the way. For this project Amanda has created an interesting web site that also has a wikia project where visitors can suggest interesting places she might visit and also a section called "Environmental Awareness" where visitors can enter information about environmental projects they want to highlight. Amanda has a significant Video Blog Internet following and this is a neat new way to let people learn how to particpate in a Wiki project.

One of the wiki trial pages was titled "Rain Gardens" and I submitted a link to the Interactive Watersheds project for the Potomac Watershed Partnership where we produced a 360 degree panorama and video describing the construction of a rain garden at the Blue Ridge Community College on the Shenandoah River in November 2000.

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