Sunday, July 07, 2013

Boise River Walk 5 - Idaho, United States

Liz Paul, Boise River Coordinator for Idaho Rivers United led another Greenbelt Walk for Health, Habitat and Heritage during the July 7, 2013 Boise Sesquicentennial Party at Julia Davis Park.  

I used the Everytrail Pro iPhone app to create a GPS track and photographs during the walk.  This was a similar walk to the one Liz led on April 5, when the leaves on the trees were starting to green.  Today was hot and the green trees provided much appreciated shade.  We also saw a lot of people floating the river.  At the end of the tour I shot one 30 second video of a band playing at the Bandshell with the EveryTrail app which reduced the size to 360p.

Boise River Walk 5 at EveryTrail
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