Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hey Bear -GOAL & Grizzly Times

At the Speak For Wolves 2016 meeting in West Yellowstone in July I recorded video of presentations given by Hey Bear - Goal and Grizzly Times about the history and future of Grizzly Bear management. 

Below are a few of my own grizzly photos and links to these important organizations.

After the meeting a few days later I was eye to eye with a "Great Grizzly Bear" through a telephoto lens.
Hey Bear - GOAL Tribal Coalition

"Grizzly Bears are sacred endangered animals and GOAL is a coalition of nearly 50 tribes dedicated to stopping delisting & "senseless trophy hunting."

This female Grizzly bear and cub are in danger if delisting is allowed.

This article in Grizzly Times, by David Mattson is titled:

'In brief, wildlife management by the states of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana is a corrupt and despotic system enslaved through culture and financial dependencies to serving the interests of those who have a worldview that features violence, iconizes weapons, makes fetishes of sexual organs, and instrumentalizes animals. Moreover, state wildlife managers have a history of demonizing carnivores in defiance of the best available science as part of a narrative that features killing predators to purportedly boost sport-hunting opportunities for “customers.”'

Wednesday, August 03, 2016



Years ago Doug Newman at the University of Oregon Outdoor Program used the term to describe easy, laid back, no commitment, Common Adventure, day hikes. I have just seen the term used again by Jim Hightower related to the Bernie Sanders populist insurgency. "—It yanked the national debate out of the hands of the Washington and corporate elites: both devoted for more than 30 years to rigging all the rules to further enrich the 1 percenters at the expense of everyone else — and proved that future success requires Democrats to abandon their effete namby-pambyism and embrace the vision, message, and issues of unabashed populism."