Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hey Bear -GOAL & Grizzly Times

At the Speak For Wolves 2016 meeting in West Yellowstone in July I recorded video of presentations given by Hey Bear - Goal and Grizzly Times about the history and future of Grizzly Bear management. 

Below are a few of my own grizzly photos and links to these important organizations.

After the meeting a few days later I was eye to eye with a "Great Grizzly Bear" through a telephoto lens.
Hey Bear - GOAL Tribal Coalition

"Grizzly Bears are sacred endangered animals and GOAL is a coalition of nearly 50 tribes dedicated to stopping delisting & "senseless trophy hunting."

This female Grizzly bear and cub are in danger if delisting is allowed.

This article in Grizzly Times, by David Mattson is titled:

'In brief, wildlife management by the states of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana is a corrupt and despotic system enslaved through culture and financial dependencies to serving the interests of those who have a worldview that features violence, iconizes weapons, makes fetishes of sexual organs, and instrumentalizes animals. Moreover, state wildlife managers have a history of demonizing carnivores in defiance of the best available science as part of a narrative that features killing predators to purportedly boost sport-hunting opportunities for “customers.”'

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