Friday, October 23, 2015

Pulp Fiction - Burning wood to replace coal is carbon neutral

This 3 Part Oct. 20, 2015 report by John Upton, in explains the current practice of subsidizing wood burning, as if it is carbon neutral - i.e., releases no carbon dioxide -  to replace coal burning for energy production.

Included are these three interactive 360 degree panoramas of the Drax Power Station - Western Europe's largest coal-power plant that is transitioning to wood-power and is big and powerful as many nuclear stations.

Part 2 of this report is titled "The American Trees That Are Electrifying Europe"

Part 2 also includes two interactive panoramas of the Enviva Pellet Mill near Franklin, Va.

Part 3 of the report is titled "Wood Burning May Play Big Role in EPA's New Rules" Included is an examination of the State of Oregon's debate about this issue.