Saturday, April 04, 2015

Google Earth tour of 1975 Clean Ski/Climb of Denali

The Denali Diary Facebook page has posted some new photos of the expedition and I thought I would provide this Google Earth narrated tour of the route for those interested.  I also posted some of these photos on my own Facebook page.

Below is a link to a narrated Google Earth Tour of our 60 day clean climbing expedition from park headquarters to the top of Denali and back down to Wonder Lake. The link goes to a Google Earth Community Post I created in March 2011 where you can download the file.

The file will open in Google Earth in your "Temporary Places." Open the folder and click on the       "3 1975 PlayTour V11 icon to start a narrated automated tour that flies the whole route.  The 3D animated views of the upper mountain are especially interesting.