Thursday, November 10, 2016

Before, During and After Total Solar Eclipse 2017 / A windfall environmental discussion opportunity


I can imagine brighter days in the near future when Americans start to get smarter about science and more personally involved in environmental and ecosystem issues before, during and and after the sun comes out from behind the moon at the Total Solar Eclipse next August 21, 2017.

Earth Day 2017 was celebrated on April 22The first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 activated 20 million Americans from all walks of life and is widely credited with launching the modern environmental movement.   This year, 2017,  national and global "Marches For Science" were held on April 22.  The Earth Day Network is suggesting that the Scientific "Teach-in" concept deployed in the first Earth Day be used again now. These teach-ins could help jump start community discussions about the environment before, during and after the Total Eclipse of the Sun on August 21, 2017.

Below is an temporal outline of the scenario I envision.  ( Online I have written more about each of the following topics and will amplify each in more detail in the the near future)

1.  I am starting the creation a collaborative/interactive Google map to identify grassroots opportunities to learn about and take positive actions on environmental and ecosystem issues. List of topics include:  Native Wildlife, Native Flora,
Native Americans, Wilderness, Ecosystems, Endangered species, Public Lands and Rivers, and Air -Water-Climate. 

2. The "dark days"related to nature and the environment in America have been around us for many generations known most dramatically by Native Americans. 

3.  Crazy Horse of the Oglala Lakota in 1877, prophesized that in 7 Generations... the whole earth would become a circle again.  We are living in that time now and many tribes are coming together to address land, water and animal treaty rights.

4.  1960's and 70's Environmental Movement.  (public trust doctrine)
      Wilderness, Clean Air, Clean Water, Wild and Scenic Rivers, Endangered Species Acts

5.  The Northwest 1979 Total Eclipse of the Sun - Moonshadow 79'.

5.  1980's to the present time and the recent Trump presidential election.
     Reagan election and the influence of conservative think tanks

6.  Cities in the 2017 eclipse path are promoting economic windfall opportunities.  Grassroot environmental groups can also us the  eclipse for educational and activism opportunities before, during and after the eclipse date.  I hope the Collaborative/ Interactive Google map will aid in this effort.

6.  7 Generations into the future.  The Nez Perce and other Native American tribes are cooperating  with the 7 Generation fund to focus on supporting grassroots development through Native community empowerment and action.

7. The Our Children's Trust project is very current and obvious  example of the potential for actions to protect the environment for future generations. Imagine the results of an election a few years from now when these youths and others in their age group who might better understand their responsibilities as citizens to protect the broader environment issues are able to vote!  (Public Trust doctrine)

8.  Imagine that the 7 Generation Native American vision for the future can become synonymous with all Americans.  See the Nez Perce NIMIIPUU Protecting the Environment non profit Facebook page as an example.

9. Overview of Gary O, Grimm Background related to outoor and wilderness community networking.