Sunday, January 25, 2009

Image Web / Upper and Lower Mesa Falls, Eastern Idaho

On this blog I have written comments about the "Image Web." YouTube, Flicker, Panoramio, Picasa, Facebook and other services contain increasing numbers of images contributed by ordinary people.  It is just amazing how much growing interest there is in this kind of participatory involvement.

For example, YouTube has provided much higher video quality recently.  I have uploaded several HD videos to my YouTube web page.  An option is available there to send the videos to a Blog.  I intended to send these two (Upper & Lower Mesa Falls and Google Earth Fly-in to Sal Creek Restoration) to my Video Blog site, but they ended here instead.  

An option to see this YouTube Video in "High Definition" quality will become visible (after you hit the > play arrow) by moving your cursor over the ^ arrow on the right bottom side of the video window.  The window size stays the same, but the quality is improved dramatically.