Friday, November 20, 2015

Do you agree with Bernie Sanders view of Democratic Socialism?

In the nearby Nextdoor neighborhood network where I live there are now over 1600 members. When anything political gets posted some people want to stop the conversation. I just posted a "POLL" that attempts to get open minded people to read Bernie Sanders remarks, and answer simple poll questions without getting into flaming personal remarks to people's answers. Below is the notice I posted on Nextdoor for our nearby neighborhoods in Boise.
Do you agree with Bernie Sanders view of Democratic Socialism?
A summary of Bernie Sander's speech yesterday, November 19, 2015, provides the 12 Best Reasons for being a Democratic Socialist. This summary was provided by Steven Rosenfield/Alternet.…/bernie-sanders-12-best-reasons-be…
I am posting this as a poll with simple "yes" " no" or "undecided" answers hoping open minded neighbors will read the two articles linked here and eventually make their own choices for the next presidential election but not get into a flaming political discussion here on the Nextdoor neighborhood network. 
Below is a link directly to Bernie Sanders remarks on Democratic Socialism in the United States.…/
Sanders stands beside the New Deal, Great Society and civil rights movement.

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Gary O. Grimm said...

As I noted, I originally posted this in our the Nextdoor Neighborhood Network. Out of 1600 members 20 + filled out the poll. Several others commented and most of these were dismissive of the idea that "political" related posts are appropriate for neighborhood discussions.

The Nextdoor network allows the originator of a post to "close down a post" and below is my response and the reason for doing so.

Those who have been interested in the concept of Democratic Socialism as defined by Bernie Sanders have now had an opportunity to read what he had to say on November 19.

As the originator of this post, I am going to close down the poll and the discussion - and hope that neighbors continue to have a lively dialogue about this topic with their families, friends, neighbors, associates and candidates for elected offices before the next elections.

Those who pretend that we don't already have "Democratic Socialism" in America are not thinking of the fees we pay and benefits we receive from Social Security, Medicare, public highways, schools and multiple other programs we enjoy that are provided by our cities, states and federal governments.

Final Note! Plenty of publicly available evidence is available that reveals that major corporations are the biggest recipients of social (public) subsidies and are therefore dependent on a the same democratic socialism system as the rest of us. How the concept of democratic socialism in America has been so demonized for so many years is beyond my understanding. I am personally impressed that Bernie Sanders is helping to explain this concept to us.