Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Record High Stock Market - How are you doing?

Contrary to what we usually hear, read, or see in the popular media, the stock market reflects the health of Corporate profits, not the overall health of the overall economy. The record high rating today, in view of the state of our current economy should verify this for all of us. Compared to big corporations,how many of the rest of us have any  in the influence in the status of the stock market?  Investments of the 99% are very small compared to big business. Yet when the stock market goes down, those with investments, no matter how small are disproportionally affected.

Robert Reich vis Huff Post Blog provides a view of how the lower income 99% compare to the "Big American Corporations in profits and how this relates to the record high stock market today. 

"Rarely before in American history have public policies so radically helped the most fortunate among us, so cruelly harmed the least fortunate, and exposed so many average working Americans to such widespread insecurity."

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