Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Harrison Hollow Gigapan 2

Last night I uploaded two Gigapans I shot during the March 2, 2013 Trail Day at Harrison Hollow in Boise, Idaho  They are both showing the same area, but have different people doing different things in each. The link to the second Gigapan page is below.

As I note in the description you should use the full screen option to see the highest quality image.  The "Snapshot" images do not show in full screen so you should use the normal screen first to zoom in and explore the snapshot views. Also, I have aligned both of these Gigapans in Google Earth.  Viewing each of them in Google Earth will take you to a fly in right to the ridge where I was standing and open up the Gigapan that you can zoom into and explore.

A small working version is embedded here, but the link above will let you see much more.

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