Friday, December 21, 2012

To my Outdoor Recreation & Environmental Friends: Common Adventure, Citizen Science & Collaborative Maps

Today, in Boise, I had an interesting conversation with Briana Orr about the history and future of the U.of Oregon Outdoor Program and the Common Adventure Philosophy many of us are familiar with.  

In this post, & a few more later, I want to share a couple of project ideas we discussed that some of us might try to work on together. 

 One idea was how to learn about, use and promote more "Citizen Science" projects in our communities.  

Another was to start the development of "Collaborative Maps" where past outings, environmental/conservation projects, &/or resource people could be located on a map including a description, possibly with photos and/ or links to web site pages.

As time permits, I will provide more thoughts on these topics and links to existing examples for anyone interested. And I would like to be involved with any of you who are interested in helping these ideas develop in the future. 


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