Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Outdoor Adventure Citizen Science Project Links

As I promised, after my recent conversation with Briana, U of O. Outdoor program, here are a few links to interesting Outdoor Adventure type of Citizen Science web sites that contain lots of example projects. As time permits I will add more specific projects. Readers are welcome to suggest interesting projects too. 


I believe that many common adventure projects initiated at outdoor programs in the past contained elements of citizen science and it is probable that many former participants continue to engage in some form of   community involvement &/or citizen science in their normal lives.  It would be interesting to start a collaborative map and invite people to contribute to it via the U. of O. Outdoor Program outreach efforts.  I can imagine that some of the other Outdoor Programs, especially in the West would be interested in this idea as well.

One Citizen Science project I mentioned that I have been in communication with is the "Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation" (ASC)  project.  I have talked to them about the Common Adventure philosophy and how college Outdoor Programs could participate.

Here is a link to the ASCSport Topics, including biking and map to view expeditions and a link to "Build Your Own Project"


Scistarter - Science we can do together
Includes a list of more than a dozen activities and more than 20 topics and many specific projects under each.


A couple of projects I mentioned in our meeting yesterday are:

USA National Phenology Network

Project Budburst

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Citizen Science
Anyone who watches birds, from backyards to city streets to remote forests, can help researchers better understand birds and their habits

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