Saturday, July 07, 2007

Current TV & Alliance for Climate Protection Ecospot PSA contest

Inviting citizens to produce stories, graphics, and photographs about various community concepts has been common in the past. Video capture and editing has also become commonplace and many new opportunities are becoming available for individuals and groups to share their community storytelling skills using amazingly powerful and affordable new media technology.

The most recent example was reported by Earth today citing a press release by Current TV titled, Current and the Alliance for Climate Protection Give Viewers ':60 Seconds to Save the Earth'. "Starting today, a personal call to action from Cameron Diaz will begin airing on Current TV asking viewers to submit their own ecospots to now through September 12, 2007. "

The video tells the story and the ecospot web page provides a few examples and concepts to spur the imagination.

The tremendous growth in personal submissions to You Tube and similar video sharing sites, as well as the exponential increase in personal and Group Blogs and Video Blogs suggests that a time may have arrived where anyone can create valuable multimedia which might change the way a community views social, environmental and ecosystem issues. I will have more to say about this concept as I further explore new trends in social networking opportunities.

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