Monday, July 09, 2007

Al Gore's holographic opening of live earth 7.7.7

I found an interesting article written by Cintra Wilson in on July 8, titled "Al's big day." Wilson makes an interesting point that I have also noticed whenever I have heard Al Gore talk about Global Warming. "The concerts themselves assiduously avoided any mention of political agenda,... -- it was just a smiley-face, rockin' good time: proud, happy, respectful and, above all, hopeful --..."

I am convinced that most people want to have the best information available on environmental issues and are tired and wary of the constant partisan politics that flood the popular news services. Hopefully this new found public energy Al Gore and many others are stimulating will lead to much better environmental decision making in the near future. Social, community and environmental networking tools are becoming increasingly sophisticated and available. Anyone can now start learning how to use these new tools if we want to become active citizen participants. I hope this blog provides some related interesting information that is helpful toward this new era.

An example of 3-D I mentioned in my June 19th Blog entry can be seen in the YouTube video of the Al Gore Hologram opening the Live Earth 7.7.07 Concerts.

This YouTube video is shown in 2D, but at the Live Earth Concerts people saw the real hologram. I am interested in knowing if and how we can see holograms like these on our personal computers, and how they might be delivered on web sites in the future.

Does anyone reading this have any suggestions or links we can look at?

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