Monday, October 27, 2014

Polarized Americans and what we can do in our neighborhoods, cities and towns.

I read this recent depressing article by Don Hazen, editor of AlterNet for 20 years but was inspired by comments he made at the end of the piece.

On page 7 he notes he was struck by the statistics showing steady polarization going on in our country today that seems to be paralyzing our government.

We..."are not prepared for a future where politics is even more dicey and dangerous than it is now. So we have to stop going through the motions of not producing change and get down to the basics where and when we can make a difference." 
"Let's do more political action with friends and colleagues. Let's agree that a higher level of popular political education and self-reflection is necessary. Let's build up ways in our neighborhoods, cities and towns, where progress can be made...."

In Boise, Idaho organizations, neighborhoods and the city provide opportunities for discussions of this type that we can participate in.  Below are just a few examples:
Vistaboise Nextdoor Network
Vista Neighborhood Association Public Facebook Group
City of Boise Energize our Neighborhoods
Boise River Enhancement Network

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