Wednesday, April 08, 2009

New FCC seeks input on National Broadband Plan

Incredibly the U.S. has been ranked below many other countries in the world compared to Internet broadband speed, access and cost for several years. I don't believe this situation is what the American public expects from the decisions made by our elected leaders.

Over the years I have often watched CSPAN coverage of public Federal Communication Commission (FCC) meetings and hearings. Michael Copps has always seemed to be one of the most reasonable members of the FCC and has recently been named the Acting Chairman. (Photo Credit: FCC)

Today I read in in an article written by Chloe Albanesius, titled " FCC Opens Suggestions Box for Broadband Plan" that Copps anounced that the FCC is opening a "60-day comment period Wednesday, asking anyone with a vested interest in broadband to provide their input on how best to go forward."

"Specifically, the FCC wants to know the "most effective and efficient ways" to ensure national broadband, strategies for providing the most affordable high-speed Internet services, evaluations of current broadband deployments – including stimulus-related broadband grant programs, and how to use broadband to create better communities."

In another article about this plan written by Stephanie Condon and Marguerite Reardon in CNET News they report that Copps stated, "This commission has never, I believe, received a more serious charge than the one to spearhead development of a national broadband plan."

The authors add "Both Copps and Commissioner Jon Adelstein emphasized the need for the government to take a stronger role in fostering nationwide broadband access and adoption."
"Real economic and social progress needs to be fueled by both vigorous private enterprise and enlightened public policy," Copps said. "The missing ingredient until this year has been the enlightened public policy."

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