Friday, August 03, 2007

Total Eclipse of the Moon and Celestial Phenomena

Science@NASA today posted a very nice article titled, Dreamy Lunar Eclipse, explaining this phenomena and providing information about where and when the next eclipse will be visible on August 28th. In Boise, MDT, the eclipse starts about 03:52 A.M and ends about 05:22 A.M.

NASA also provides another "Eclipse Home Page" with more information about this eclipse and Past, Present and Future Eclipses.

Another article posted at Scienc@NASA on July 11, noted that the Great Perseid Meteor shower will be in view coming even sooner, on August 12.

During my lifetime I have watched and photographed many eclipses of the moon, one total and a few partial eclipses of the Sun and many other unusual celestial phenomena. While the eclipses are happening it is easy to drift into a state of imagination about the wonder and excitement that primitive peoples may have had when suddenly an unusual celestial event took place. Unfortunately many people today, especially those who live in cities, do not often see the night sky and may miss some of the most amazing natural events that happen in their lifetimes. When these events can be predicted, they can also be shared and celebrated by families, friends and communities and provide much more long lasting and important memories, at a much lower cost than 4th of July Firework displays.

For those interested you can join the Science@NASA mailing list and receive regular weekly advance notices of many other interesting phenomena including Sun Spot explosions that might produce auroras, or Northern Lights we migt see. (Here is a link to some amazing photos of Auroras seen in February, 2003 for example) Often NASA provides spectacular images and movies of events that are too small for us to see with our eyes, but space cameras and instruments can capture. I recommend taking a look at the Science@NASA Story Archives for great images and articles you may have already missed.

Enjoy the night sky whenever you can. Some special celestial events also take place during the day. I will try to post more photos and information as time permits.

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