Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Idaho Environmental Summit - Postscript

Summary: 1. My opinion is that Wikis, Blogs and Discussion groups on every topic at this Idaho Environmental Summit should be made available to citizens of Idaho and other bordering states to provide an ongoing dialogue about all of the important topics: (See topics listed on this Blog on Wednesday, November 29, 2006)

The sessions related to Soverign Native American Tribes were especially interesting and naturally they have a hightened sensitivity to public information that is available. Hopefully elder and young Native American people can get involved in this global communication network and help us all understand their views.

Postcript: After contacting the organizers of the Idaho Environmental Summit about attending they asked me if Mountain Visions could produce a "slide show" of Idaho Outdoor images including slides of Summit Partners. In return we could set up an exhibit booth to demonstrate our various ongoing projects and services. The "slide show" was well received and the exhibit booth was visited by many people who gained an appreciation of our involvement with interactive and collaborative natural resource, ecosystem and environmental web site networking projects. We had set up two 23 inch monitors with two laptop computers to show High Definition 360 degree panoramas, video and Google Earth demonstrations.

As is common in many conferences many overlapping sessions held at the same time meant that people had to choose one session at a time or move from one session to another, missing part of each. I also had to be at the Mountain Visions exhibit booth when interested people were visiting and was not able to attend many of the interesting sessions. I, and others, asked the conference organizers if all of the conference presentations would be made available on the Idaho Environmental Summit web site after the conference. Apparently this process was not specifically planned for, but I was assured that they would try to gather and post the papers and power point presentations in the near future. I offered to show them how we had developed similar post conference materials for a Conservation Training Week Conference for the Jamaica Protected Area Trust in March of 2006.

I will continue to monitor the post conference activities of the Idaho Environmental Summit on this Blog as time permits.

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