Monday, September 04, 2006

Wiki applications and sites gain in popularity

Wiki applications that allow anyone to create a wiki site are growing in number and many new wiki web sites are being produced. I will try to add information here to Internet articles and information I find as often as I can.

My primary interest is learning how citizens and organizations can use Social Networking tools and Web 2. applications like the Wiki concept to start discussions and communicate their concerns about natural resource and ecosystem issues that affect them every day, to leaders and government officials who make decisions about these issues that affect the long range future.

One important issue will be how the companies who provide the "Social Networking" services will survive economically. Probably most individual and community web site projects may not have a profit motive. Below is an article that explains a few "for profit" "Wiki" projects and also alludes to the fast growing popularity of the Wiki concept.

CNET published an article by Stefnie Olsen on June 12, 2006 titled, "Social networks poised to shape the Net's future." She quotes "Safa Rashtchy, managing director and senior analyst at investment firm Piper Jaffery."..." 'This is going to get big, folks,' he said"

The New York Times today (September 4, 2006) published an article by Robert Levine titled, "New Web Sites Seeking Profit in Wiki Model."

Several examples are provided, including, "a how-to guide to everything," Wikia, started by Jimmy Wales, who founded Wikipedia and is "a collection of communities with websites you can edit," and, a domain name recently purchased by an entrepreneur for $2.86 million.

Levine also notes that, "The Gartner Group has predicted that half of all companies will use them internally in some fashion by 2009."

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