Friday, August 18, 2006

Google Earth Community and Social Networking

The Google Earth Community is an amazing example of Social Networking. Google Earth users from all around the world have submitted KMZ files to special places that anyone can visit using the free Google Earth Browser.

Moving around the geography of the world is really exciting for users. Being able to share points of interest adds to the interactive possibilities. Going further by adding pictures, web sites or other kinds of information opens up the opportunities for people to understand the possibilities of creating and publishing interesting content about places they care about.

In the Environment and Conservation section, on July 23, 2006 I created one experimentl KMZ file for locations in Jamaica were we have taken fifty five 360 degree panoramas. In the near future I plan to update this project. At this time 18 of these locations are linked to web pages where people can see full screen panorama views. The Google Earth Community pages change with new entries every day so I will not link to the KMZ file. However, On the Mountain Visions "What's New" web page you can download this file. (Jamaica360PanoramaTour3.KMZ) Look for the entry date 7/24/06.

I also purchased the license to use Google Earth Pro with the Movie Maker, GIS, and Printing programs. I have now created several experimental QuickTime movies that do not require the Google Earth Browser. These can be found on the Mountain Visions Digital Video/Terrain Animations page.

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